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his 30th (mediocre) birthday celebration

March is definitely the busiest month for us.

Since Rayyan was born, we started getting busy by February for his birthday celebration. Then a few days later, Shahrul’s birthday, on the 5th of March – followed by mine, although thankfully more stretched to the end of the month.

Hence the delay of this post haha.

So my husband turned 30 a couple of weeks earlier than me and had the most boring celebration ever LOL. Since we had just celebrated Rayyan's second birthday a few days earlier, his 30th birthday was just meh XD


Cake? Used some leftovers from the cake we bought for Rayyan’s birthday celebration at his playschool. No cards, no balloons, just some mediocre birthday wish/writings on a torn kitchen towel XD Candles courtesy of Rayyan’s birthday cake, too.

This is what happens when you have a toddler. Would hate to think what’d happen in the next few years or so..

Woke up a bit earlier to prepare the cake and when he came downstairs, he didn't even notice the cake at first FML.

But quoting him,

“It’s the thought that counts.”

Spent the day at Pavilion (our favourite place LOL) where coincidentally there was a Honda exhibition – he’s been crushing on the latest Honda Civic beauty for the longest time, and I could tell he was over the moon that he gets to touch and meet the car in real life, face to face. Sort of meeting his longtime crush haha. We get to see the interior of the car (black leather yum), the boot (too small, he says since his current car can accommodate more stuff than the Honda Civic) and the driver’s posh seat.

The only thing that he didn’t get to do that day was to test drive the car. Well let’s save the best for another day LOL.

To my soulmate, happy 30th birthday. Looking forward to have more mediocre birthday celebration with you.


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