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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

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turning 30

I didn't expect much, truthfully. I really thought it was going to be like any other day or birthday - even for previous birthdays, I don't think there is a need to celebrate pun, what more in a lavish way.

It's just another day.

So I was quite surprised that days leading to the day I turn 30, somehow I kept Googling for things that have been in my wishlist for the longest time. Suddenly Reebonz is a "favorite" browser in my Chrome, and I came to know the existance of several hip cafes around KL that we haven't been to yet.

Darn. I didn't intend for my 30th birthday to be such a big deal..

Since it falls on a Monday, husband had been hinting that we'd spend the weekend, Saturday and Sunday my way.

"Whatever you want to do, or wherever you want to go. I'd go, no questions ask."

So we found ourselves at Dotty's, TTDI during lunch that weekend!

I've been hinting about going here for a while, but sort of gave up half way because Shahrul is not the hipster-cafe kind of guy. If anything, he's actually the one who would start the petition to remove all hipster cafes in KL - the food is mediocre at best that comes with exorbitant price tag, he says.

So when he agreed, it was like the stars are aligned in my direction.

And the best feeling ever? When he said the food there is..

"OK lah. Sedap lah jugak"

Music to my ears!

Look who also enjoyed the hipster food. #becausemommysaysso

I wanted to try their salted egg cronuts so for main course, I ordered the beef burger. If you're going for the same thing (salted egg cronut is their specialty), I'd advise getting the main course without any salted egg as it could deter your appetite for the cronut later.

But but..the one dessert that made my day was actually the pandan croissant with coconut inside. Finished the whole thing in a few minutes, hence the lack of picture. Get it the next time you're there!

Now that I think about it, there's no pictures of the legendary cronut and pandan croissant because I was wrestling Rayyan's hands from touching them. #mommypower

Then, the highlight of my 30th birthday.

On the night before my birthday, husband took me to our favorite spot - Samba Brazilian Steakhouse, Avenue K. It's a special place to both of us because that's where we celebrated our anniversary and my birthday last year. It's sort of became a tradition now that we always seem to come back to the same place, year after year, for special celebrations.

Looking back at how big Rayyan is now compared to last year when we came here, and how next year's celebration is going to be more merrier with Rayyan's little brother on the way, I feel so different. Uncertain, too. Felt suddenly we're all grown up and changed from at least 5 years before?

At least I'd like to think I do.

That night, we couldn't have a peaceful dinner because Rayyan was just woken up from his nap and in the most energetic mood ever - he didn't want to sit at the table, but to look at the buses and cars and lorries out the window, while dragging Mommy or Daddy along. Shahrul took the baton first by allowing me to indulge in my dinner and when I'm finished, I accompanied Rayyan at the balcony while he had his dinner.

This tagteam is the secret to parenthood, I learned.

So that wraps up my 30th birthday. My feelings? Just like last year and the previous - happy, contented, feeling awesome that I've ticked a few of my milestone boxes.

Here's to an (even more) awesome 30s!


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