Second pregnancy : first trimester

Just after I discovered I was pregnant again, I knew I had to be prepared for the first trimester nausea to kick in.

With Rayyan before, it was during Ramadan and I couldn't fast because I was puking at least 3 times a day. So I was glad that this time it wasn't the Holy month and I could at least fill my stomach without worrying about other people seeing.

It's gonna be better this time, I thought.

Oh boy how wrong I was.

It was even worse than before.

Nausea? 24/7 a day. The whole day feeling like gas is going to come out from my stomach with acid, so I had to munch something to make my mouth feel better. Brushing teeth in the morning is dreadful because every single time I brush, it feels like I'm going to puke any second - at the wee hours of the day.

Puking? At least 3 times a day. Morning, noon, evening - and during weekends, whenever we were out somewhere and I had eaten something than my stomach couldn't embrace, I'd be running to the bathroom once we reach home to throw up whatever I had eaten before and left feeling like a worm for the rest of the day due to the empty stomach. Having dinner again? No way, my mouth would feel like it's full of acid reflux and nothing tastes decent anymore.

A combination of these two? Fatigue. Heading to bed at 9 pm every night and thanking God that I have Shahrul who would look after Rayyan and get him to bed when it's 10-11 pm himself.

No, it wasn't better this time. It was worst - makes me feel like there's no way I'm going to be pregnant again for the third time!

Was complaining about this to my colleague, and she said,

"Yes, usually second pregnancy tires more than the first one - because we have to look after the firstborn too and running after him while taking care of ourselves. I cried every day during my second pregnancy"


Well, no one told me sobs.

Complained about this to the husband,

"Well, you wanted this remember?"

With a huge smirk on his face.

Hormones were too rage to care - if not, his clothes would be outside the house that next day.

(Shared my first trimester experience during my first pregnancy here.)


  1. Dear Zatil,
    i sometimes hate being the first to comment here
    feels like a stalker, y'know..haha
    but i can't help it because every post seems like so related to me (or so i thought)..perasan pulak..huhu
    but my 2nd trimester was also worse than my first ones
    and your colleague was was also because we have to take care of our firstborn..and oh my, my son has never been clingy during my pregnancy..he didn't want the father so i had to do EVERYTHING for him..
    and now i'm telling you darling, during the confinement is the WORST. i cried everyday...every single day, i think i'm very near to postpartum depression. it's no kidding this thing..there are times i want to run away from home..leave the baby..serius sampai macam tuh was really sad whenever i think about it..
    and now my daughter is turning 2 in february, am thinking to have the 3rd ones pulak...*Oops...*

    1. Hi Nurul!
      Hahah thank you for making me feel like I'm not alone! In my case, my husband takes over most of the things and thankfully Rayyan is OK with it. In fact he prefers daddy now T.T
      Omg pantang second time sounds scary. Hopefully my mom will agree to stay with me longer this time. Buttt excited to experience it all over again :)
      Haha so your daughter is at the same age with Rayyan! Time for the next oneee



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