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second pregnancy : finding out

So...I'm pregnant again.

OK thing is, this pregnancy is different from the previous one because this time, we're fully prepared (last time, I nearly cried in the office's toilet). I've been (secretly) wanting to be pregnant again for quite some time because being pregnant with Rayyan was nothing less than magical to me - minus the morning sickness, everything else was smooth Alhamdulillah and I loved the whole 9 months. So one day, it just struck us that it's the right time to try for the second baby.

(I've always hated reading about other people's conceiving stories, so am not gonna further elaborate about mine here. So what you read in here, up to your interpretation OK).

That was a few months ago.

A few weeks later, I was off for a business trip to Malacca.

Then I was supposed to have my period that week, but didn't. Instinctively, I went out to the pharmacy near the hotel where I was staying and bought a few pregnancy tests.

The next minute, I realized I was sitting in the nice hotel room toilet...holding the stick. With the above sign, telling me loud and clear. I remembered thinking,

"What the. So fast??"

Because it felt like just a few weeks ago when we started talking about the second baby, and now that it's right in front of my eyes, I suddenly got nervous.

Reached for my phone, Whatsapp-ed the picture (because I didn't know how to tell him over the phone) to the husband with the caption "surprise!" haha WTF.

Was expecting the same reaction I had, but he replied saying he'd already known -_- OK, what is it with guys that they always have things figured out beforehand when it's your own body not theirs I don't understand this logic. Granted, it was only a couple of weeks trying so I was expecting it'd take at least few months before we conceive (my period hasn't been regular and it was quite difficult to predict), so imagine my surprise T.T

But this guy is obviously more confident than I am -_-

Regardless, Alhamdulillah now we can't wait for the second baby to arrive! Though Rayyan isn't old enough to understand about having a sibling yet, we still make a point to let him know there's "someone" inside me now by bringing him along during checkups and pointing to my belly and said "baby".

He picks up a bit now because whenever we ask him, "where's baby?" he will point to HIS belly.


My boy isn't a baby anymore - he's gonna be a big brother!


  1. May you have a smooth pregnancy and yes, congratulations! :)
    I'm about to have my own first born soon, feeling very nervous!


    1. Wah you must be excited. I remember the feeling hehe. Congratulations to you too!

      Let's be nervous together XD

  2. Thank you Nurul! Haha your husband's reaction is epic XD
    So far I've no idea about this pregnancy whether it's a girl or boy, nor do I have any preference haha. But feeling very nervous T.T

  3. Congrats Zatil! Comel lah Rayyan XD Bukan belly kamu lah! Hahaha comel.


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