my first trimester

I'm almost done with first trimester, which I think every woman should be given a medal for.

When I first found out I'm pregnant, people told me to be strong and patient as it is the most challenging period ever in pregnancy.

Well in my case, challenging is an understatement.

Let me tell you a bit about my first trimester.

I can't remember when, but I started to head to bed by 9 pm, completely abandoning the husband in front of the TV (as per our usual routine). I started to feel so so tired that some nights I didn't even bother to brush my teeth before bed - and the husband would find me already snoring in bed.

One time during the weekend, I was reading pregnancy book on the couch and fell asleep. Husband was in the next room performing his prayer, and I fell asleep so fast that when he returned to the living room I was already lying with the book still in my hands haha.

Later that day, he showed me a picture of me he took while I was sleeping. -____-"

The most difficult thing I've been facing for the past weeks - I was puking 24/7. All the time. (In fact, even until now the puking hasn't stopped) It started after about a week or two since I discovered I was pregnant.

I've Googled how to deal with morning sickness and did everything recommended, but the puking somehow is still here. So far I've survived a day or two of not puking, but mostly every day I'd puke at least 2 times; usually when I reach home from work and late evening. The list of food and drinks that turn my appetite off just keeps growing - at one point, I figured I'd be better off just having chicken soup every single day.

On the first day of Ramadan, my husband took me to the bazaar nearby to check out the food. 5 minutes in the area and I was already fighting the urge to puke - couldn't stand the smell of food at all. So there goes my bazaar Ramadan experience for this year sob.

The result from having constant nausea. If it's not to puke, it's like sea waves in my head. Doing chores in the house was a torture - thank God the husband is super rajin.

I think I've been in a constant nausea state that I can't track anymore if it was heartburn or my stomach acid wanting to get out (and eventually did). But the husband has been so kind and getting me all the meds I need - and the heartburn med is the only I barely touch; compared to the vomit med.

Everything I'm taking thus far. Is this normal?

Mum said the nausea and puking will go away after first trimester, so I've been praying day and night now that the coming weeks would find me in a better state. I think it's the hormones, but sometimes I still can't believe I'm growing a baby inside me - it all just feels so surreal. 

Last Raya, Mum was feeling all emotional and gave us this whole speech about her kids growing up.

"And now, my youngest daughter will be a mother. So big already.."

Sheesh, not helping, Mum. Sob.

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