WIWT : Brown

To date, I've received similar comments on my choice of colors for my outfits. 

Like this one :

"You sure like brown a lot ah? Head to toe all brown! Even your bag!"

Because that day I was wearing dUCkscarves satin silk in Coffee and a nude brown top from Azorias. My Sakura Malaysia backpack is brown, too, hence the comment.

With the sidekick who found his place in my OOTDs -_-

And the comment isn't the first - I've had several people commenting how frequent they see me in brown-ish tone outfits. Though I think there's nothing wrong with it, it reminded me of this one girl back in my high school, who was so fond of the green color - not the gorgeous deep green color, but the "hijau lumut" color.

She owned a bag in that shade of green. She owned many, many outfits that consist of the color - until everyone just got sick of it. It's not that it was wrong..but the color just wasn't flattering, which drove everyone mad. Imagine having to see a head-to-toe ensemble in the least flattering shade of green, every single day!

I refused to be one of those who let others define what she likes, but this comment stayed with me for a while. Maybe I should venture out to other livelier colors..


  1. ahahah back to highschool I ni pinky girl.top to toe pink -_- and everytime beli baju pink. tak sengaja pun. dah pink nampak cantik =p

    1. Haha pink is a pretty color, takpe XD sekarang dalam almari pun banyak pink kot hahaha.



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