this is why you should never hesitate

...when it comes to Zara.

Last few weeks, I happened to browse Zara online, just to look at the stuff they have in store. Received their newsletter with the "New arrivals" head, so I was intrigued. Been a while since I last step into the store. Wondered how those new arrivals air smells like.

Anyway. I went online.

Wasn't prepared for these.

Apparently the new arrivals are very spring - lots of prints, florals and colors!


Sangatlah cantik-cantik I can't even.

Then, I told myself I won't be needing any new tops or bottoms since I've bought more than I budgeted for this year (went crazy over my no-skinnies phase, that I basically went on a bottoms hunt) and to just recycle those tops I hardly wear last year. Even posted those I I want to let go on my Carousell.

But but, I found myself staring at these pictures on my laptop EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. (Downloaded the pictures and saved them in a "special" folder) At some point, I wondered if it's worth it to buy them off eBay, only to realize I couldn't find any on the site sobs.

Then..a few weeks later, I gave in and dragged Shahrul to Zara.

Only to be disappointed, cause these are no longer available in the store T.T

Came out of the store empty-handed and ranted to him,

"Why does stuff get sold out so quick at Zara???"

Which of course received a cynical remark from him and a smirk, obviously happy that I'm not spending money that day T.T

Joke's on me, though, cause a few years back I've experienced something similar to this. You'd think history would teach you to be more mindful about these things..

Oh well. Lesson learned : never hesitate when it comes to Zara.

(Updated : Googled and found this forum which discussed about how and why Zara's turnover is high. Zara frequents, read!)

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