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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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our alma mater

Months ago, we were driving home from a wedding. It was near PJ area.

Then we saw the signboard "Universiti Malaya", and Shahrul was asking me if there's anywhere I'd like to go since the day is still early.

Without hesitating, I told him,
"Jom pergi Kolej 12 nak?"

We've always talked about paying a visit to our alma mater, Ambang Asuhan Jepun, UM where we had our foundation course (before flying to Japan to continue our degree). It was a special place for both of us, because that was where we met and became "partners" lol.

So since we were near the area that day, we decided to drop by.

And it was a special visit too, as it was the first time we were back at the place after nearly..10 years! The last time I was there, we were packing our bags, ready to go back to hometown prior to our first flight to Nihon to pursue our degree.

Time sure flies.

Going back there was definitely a memorable experience. It was hard to believe that I had once attended those small classes with small Japanese tables and chairs, confined in a place I thought was like a "sanctuary" - we had intense Japanese language classes, tests, exams, and at the same time going through tough subjects classes such as Physics, Maths and Chemistry.

Definitely did not think I'd survive. But I did! And ahem thanks to Shahrul too for being my "mentor" - the classes were also where we had our secret dates haha. In the evening, after we finished with classes that day, I would stay behind waiting for him to come and we'd study for upcoming kanji tests together until late.

And now..going back there with him and Rayyan, the feelings I had was indescribable.

A lot of dramas unfolded there, a lot of mistakes, a lot of lessons I've learned - which helped shape me into the person I am today. And for that I have everyone there to thank for.


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