made another anniversary card

Except that it's not really a card, though. It's a scrap page for our second anniversary of being married!

And it was only completed 2 months after the anniversary date -_-

Started gathering the materials last April, when I suddenly felt like giving him this. Now it's been a really long while since I last make a scrapbook/scrappage, I couldn't even remember where I put the materials T.T The pictures, however, were the extras I had in my safekeeping from the Father's Day scrap page I made for him last year and some which were printed when we first got married.

Then, when May comes, I was swamped with work. My weeks started getting super busy I didn't have a chance to do the scrap page even during lunch time. Felt so guilty, but I doubt he was expecting anything for anniversary this year (since we had celebrated our birthdays and Rayyan's first birthday; there were already too many special occasions for this year, pretty sure we lost count). When I had some free time, I tried to do it bit by bit - cutting papers, gluing the pictures, etc.

So last Friday, I finally had some time to do it - and managed to complete the whole thing! When I brought it home, he was playing with Rayyan in the living room, so I put the scrap page on the dining table and went upstairs for prayer.

Came down, and saw a huge smile on his face.

Truly made my day.

Happy second anniversary, husband :*


  1. So cute.. Do you have a tips how to start scrapbook?

    1. Hi! So sorry I just saw this comment. To me it's best to start gathering the stuff first; the photos, the scrap page/book, and the accessories & pens - then you can start doing it with less pressure :) for designs, I googled a lot for inspirations.



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