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celebrating Father's Day

 It was Shahrul's first Father's Day, and I wanted it to be special for him.

Wanted to order a picture canvas of him and Rayyan, with a few cheesy words on it - but after some research, I realize canvas could take some time to finish; the design, sketch, everything - and it wasn't like I had the time to wait for it.

(I only started my research on it a week before Father's Day T.T)

So.. I resorted to this scrapbooking I haven't done in a while.

Accumulated the materials bought from Scrap n Crop (my trusted supplier of scrapping stuff, they have everything. At affordable prices too!) a few days before the day and got them delivered to the office, and spent my free lunch hours doing this old hobby of mine. Thankfully I got it done right before the Father's Day weekend!

And you know what I've realized? Doing this is far more thrilling than ordering anything else. Sending the pictures to the shop to print was a cheap thrill for me, because I was reminded of all those times when I used to print out the pictures using my own printer at home, back in Japan.

Asked the girl the total cost of those pictures printed. It actually costs me 3 bucks per picture :O So for 10 pieces, I had to pay 30 bucks!

So. Freaking. Expensive.

So, lesson learnt - start refilling those printer ink soon so I can print them myself -_-"

The girl at the shop was nice, though. After printing the pictures, I noticed she kept flipping those pictures over and over - and finally said,
"Akak, nanti bila-bila datanglah lagi bawak baby. Saya geram tengok gambar dia, comel sangat!"

She was too nice, I feel like coming over again and print more pictures lol.

Anyhow, effort well appreciated. He had this look on his face when he received it; the soft heart-butter-melted look, and gave me a bear hug without saying anything.

Mission accomplished!

Happy first Father's Day, dear husband.


  1. "Akak, nanti bila-bila datanglah lagi bawak baby. Saya geram tengok gambar dia, comel sangat!"

    Anon setuju sgt! Comel gila Rayyan! Nanti post la video suara dia gelak kuat2 ke apa. Baby gelak2 is the one thing I like about baby. Kalau tgk setiap kali mesti melt.

    1. Hahaha you're too nice, thank you :) insyaAllah banyak sgt video dlm phone haha #firsttimeparents

      Kan. I love baby's laughs now. T.T


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