Rayyan at 14 months

Oh God. Time flies!

The last time I did this post was when he was 9 months old - which seems like decades ago.

So what does he look like now?

He's walking and he loves it, especially in the malls - it gets super hard to keep up with him sometimes T.T

"Well, what do you expect? He takes after you"

The husband says pfft.


At 1 year old plus, he's "talking" a lot more than he used to - in his own language, of course. He recognizes a few words now, like calling out "Da! Daa!" whenever Shahrul is leaving the room or when he hears his voice, and when we point out the apple picture from his book - he'd shout "Appaaa" -_-

Reading books (or making us read to him)

Surprisingly, he's so attached to his books! He'd always prefer his books over his other toys everytime - whenever he sees his favorite book, he'd bring it to us and ask us to read it to him, over and over again. It gets boring T.T

This one time, me and Shahrul were picking out toys for him. I chose an electronic book toy which comes with songs at the touch of buttons, or when we flip the pages, the songs would be played. There were lyrics of the songs written on the pages too. While Shahrul chose a Thomas train set, complete with its platform and everything.

Guess which toy Rayyan prefers to play now. XD

Favorite songs

Didi and Friends has become a permanent channel in the household now T.T

He likes the songs so much, he lights up whenever the songs come about on Astro Ceria. It's funny really. He'd have his eyes fixated on the screen, then start to sway left and right, and sometimes, even singing T.T

(It's humming actually, since he doesn't really know the words.)

But if there's one thing I'm quite proud of right now (among the many failures of being a first time parent), is that we managed to restrict the use of gadgets to Rayyan. We've always hated seeing parents giving their kids gadgets just to shut them up, so I told myself that we will never do that, unless really necessary (e.g that one time Rayyan had to do the nebulizer thing at the clinic and we had to Youtube Didi and show him. Even then, after a few minutes it wasn't really working cause he continued crying FML T.T)

So far, it's working fine. But I realize we are yet to teach him table manners T.T

So next milestone as a parent; table manners. Wish us luck.



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