Rayyan at 9 months

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Where do I even begin?


Felt like agess ago when I started giving him solids; now he no longer prefers puree - he'd like something crunchy or more texture. Hence the introduction of baby biscuits and senbei into our lives.

But during weekends, I'd make rice porridge with chicken strips for his 'bekal' during the week - his babysitter says despite not liking purees, rice porridge is an exception. So YAY! Am planning on adding some veggies to the bubur and see if he'd like them. He's been rejecting carrots and broccolis, so far T.T

Motor skills

Forget those days when we could just leave him on the bed, playing by himself - nowadays, having a structured high bed isn't practical anymore. He could really fall down as he's crawling a LOT now - we've been using stacks of pillows as our imaginary 'fence', but one day, I saw him crawling on TOP of them and had a major heart attack T.T

So husband had to disassemble the bed, put the mattress on the floor and put away the bed in the store instead. Now we are sleeping on the (mattress) floor, for the sake of keeping Rayyan from falling. He can climb up the sofa and stand by himself now, which terrifies us as he's been falling backwards for quite a number of times now. Asked the doctor if this could affect his head, but she said it's quite normal for babies to fall at this stage - and the back of his head can actually endure this, as long as there's no significant aftershocks i.e. puking, faintness, swelling etc so phew.

He likes chewing on legos, or anything else he can find on the floor. Sophie the giraffe has become his least interest now FML.

Ooh the reason for all these? He's got 6 set of teeth now! 4 on the top and 2 at the bottom, which terrifies me really. Shall blog about breastfeeding my baby at 9 months soon.

Baby language

The babysitter told me yesterday,
"He says Ma-ma-mi today"

So proud of my little boy! (Though he still go Ma-ma-ma-ma at home, I'd make sure he says Ma-mi at some point.)

His baby language varies every day. At one minute he goes Da-da-da, next minute is Ga-ga-ga, another minute Ge-ge-ge.. I really wonder where he gets all these talks from. His Daddy talks to him far more frequently than I do, for sure. Some nights, he'd read to him some baby books or just plain old "what did you do today?" and some gibberish I don't understand.

I need to up my Mommy game.

My cheeky boy.

Can't believe my baby boy is turning 1 year old in 3 months' time.

This sounds so cliche, but I want that pause button, please?


  1. everytime tengok pictures of rayyan, hati ni macam kena squeeze. haishhh comel sgt. manis pulak tu.

    1. Hehe. Rayyan's feeling the loveee <3 thank you, Anon :)



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