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WIWT : Another Mimpikita story

Last Friday was eventful.

So Mimpikita released their first batch of Raya 2016 design that day. After several years of anticipating their collections only to be disappointed by the price range (because I couldn't afford them T.T) and spent the rest of year drooling over them, this year, I thought I'd spend a bit more for Raya.

Because if you've seen them (on their Instagram), you'd agree. Back with their signature prints (which are so so pretty I can't); a lot of them are kurung Kedah which is perfect for Raya. At least to me, for several years now - hence why I can't remember the last time I made traditional kurungs for Raya. Kurung Kedah is just more practical for me. (Once you have a kid, you'd know. The breastfeeding, the snot, the pulling sigh)

In the morning, I checked out FV - but reserved making the purchase. I already made plans to go to their store in KLCC because I wanted to see the kurung firsthand - thought if I'm gonna spend that ridiculous amount on a garment, I'd better see it with my own eyes. 

So off I went to KLCC. 

In Mimpikita Clover sweater, Georgette dUCkscarves in Walnut, lace jeans from ZARA. 

Reached KLCC. Carefully not making eye contacts with anyone in case bosses or colleagues were at the tower that day when suddenly it hit me - it was our company's off day in conjunction with Wesak       -_- No one I know is around yay.

Made my way to Isetan and reached there a few minutes before 10 am, the opening time for Isetan. Saw a few ladies already there, obviously waiting for Isetan to open. From the way they dressed, I already knew they're going to Mimpikita - they have this certain air about them, you just feel like you've seen them on Instagram haha. A few of them saw and greeted each other - regulars of Mimpikita I think.

10 am, store opened, a dash of ladies going inside Isetan like looking for gold. Never seen anything like it I swear! Though still can't beat New Year's sale crowd at Gotemba, Tokyo when I was there a few years back, the crowd I saw at Mimpikita that morning somehow reminded me of it. The staff were obviously rushed and panicked, but assistive regardless - I think most of the ladies got what they're looking for that day.

Since the changing room provided was only one, there was a long queue to try the garments. Instantly relieved that I knew what size I'm going for, I asked the staff to just pack while I pay at the cashier as there were many ladies who are still waiting for their items.

Got my baju Raya! Wandered around there as there were some new stores just opened and looked for any jubah sold as I wanted to get one for my MIL, before dropping by Anya's store as usual. They're having end of season sale which constitutes 30% to 50% off some of the bags T.T

Got my eyes on Ephson shoulder bag, as usual. The salesgirl told me they have only one Ephson in nude color in the store, and the color has sold out even in Pavilion.

Be still, my heart.

Such an elegant color for a bag. The inside is maroon leather which reminds me of Chanel. Told myself if in a few months it's still available, I'd probably get it - but at a cheaper price of course. Maybe if it's on Ebay T.T

Didn't dare to go inside other stores as I'm already a couple hundreds poorer, so made my way home.

A clearer look of the Clover sweater :

Found my new OOTD spot yay.

So that was last Friday.


  1. u look so sweet! the bag would fit ur outfit color theme :)

    btw, whuch mimpikita raya prints u got? lika is completely sold out :(

    1. Hi S! Thank you :)

      Speaking of, I managed to grab Likaa! Yes that time I pergi the stocks were running out, and it was only 10 - 11 am in the morning T.T

  2. That clover sweater is really pretty but I was disappointed at the price though. Anyway, congrats for manage to grab their Raya collection! ♡

    1. I think the prints made it quite pricey. I wish they could go on sale T.T Thank you! Finallyy haha


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