hello culottes, goodbye skinny jeans!

It's been a few weeks since I first introduced culottes into my wardrobe.

The first time, was when I paid Azura Azwa's boutique a visit. I frequented their Instagram a lot to know that their basics collection are up for purchase - but mostly are available at their store, located in TTDI. Knowing that area isn't relatively familiar or favored by my husband due to the traffic, I decided that I'd go there if and only I really, really like their clothes.

(from here)

So I was looking for some loose, comfy tops and bottoms too, since after having Rayyan I know my body just isn't the same anymore. From mata kasar it might not be that obvious, but I'm just consciously avoiding all skin-tight garments (even though I've worn them on multiple occasions before, prior to getting pregnant) because deep down I don't really feel comfortable in them.

And I found culottes.

So one weekend, we arrived at Azura Azwa's store in TTDI. Browsed through their beautiful racks of clothes, and found what I've been admiring on their Instagram for quite some time.

Their grey and white striped culottes.

(taken from their FB)

Tried them on. The smallest size at that moment was UK8, which is still a bit longgar for me. Asked for UK6 but they said they don't carry that size - however they can alter the culottes for free, only that I'd have to come by again after about a week and pick it up.

Thought for a bit, and decided that I'd just alter the waist area by myself. It wasn't so much of a hassle - some basic sewing (though I won't show it off to people lol) and there, I can fit!

So that's how I got my first culottes.

You know, I actually thought about this a lot.. that it might be the right time to chuck away my skinny jeans. To tell you the truth, my husband has made a few remarks on how he doesn't like seeing me in them - he'd ask me to wear longer tops or cover with a cardigan or something, so that the bottom part would be covered. He's never made these comments before getting married because I know he knows he had no control then; but now, he's my husband and I get what he means. I'm not really comfortable too, whenever I saw myself in a mirror, wearing those jeans - I had those moments when I thought I looked good, but other times, I wished I had more time to change into something else. Something looser.

I guess.. it's time to change for the looser for good. I think I'm ready to quit my skinny jeans, or maybe jeans in general (loose jeans isn't so appealing for petites like me T.T) And wearing these culottes has made me feel a LOT better, compared to those times when I was wearing skinny jeans. I like the fact that I don't really feel conscious about showing off my bum anymore, and the shape of my legs. I love the fact that it's so comfy and loose.

If you know me, you'd know that it's a huge decision for me - I basically lived my whole life in jeans. Can't really remember why anymore except that I've grown accustomed to them, but now, things have changed - and for the better! InsyaAllah. I've gotten some culottes from different brands to try, and so far I'm loving them.

Baby steps, aight?

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