daddy's magic smell

So here's the current condition : me in the house taking care of Rayyan with the help of my mum (who came all the way from Penang for her grandchild) because the husband is away for a business trip.

It's only been 2 days..but I'm already feeling helpless.

Thank God for mothers seriously.

So Rayyan, surprisingly, hasn't been adjusting well too - he's had the worst mood swings in his history of life so far, and I'm truly convinced the lack of his daddy's presence has something to do with it.

The worst time? Is when he wants to sleep.

But he somehow couldn't, for God knows what reason.

So on the first night Shahrul was away, I tried putting him to sleep the usual way - milk, pat, put down on bed, sleep. But he kept tossing and turning, crying, leaving me feeling so helpless and stressed out. On top of missing my husband, I was so stressed out having to calm my baby down; but deep down I knew we shared the same sentiments of missing Shahrul.

Mom saw the whole ordeal, and made a suggestion.

"Cuba letak baju ke seluar Shahrul sebelah Rayyan, bagi dia bau ayah dia. Baru dia tenang sikit"

I've heard my Mom's story before about how my late dad had to leave and he asked Mom to put his trousers under my mattress, so that I'd be calm and not missing him too much (albeit being just over months old haha) and Mom said it worked for me, so I followed her suggestion. Heck, I was miserable seeing how unsettled Rayyan was - I'd try anything.

And..Rayyan slept soundly for hours, with his Daddy's pants beside him. Wish I had taken a picture. I recalled having to wake up at 2 am to give him milk, and at 6 am when he's up for good (he slept early the night before) so that was one of his "good" nights.

So it works!

And major points for me too as I get to sleep with my husband's smell right next to me.

Gotta say, works for both Mommy and baby :)

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