Zara's boxing day haul

So over the weekend, was Boxing Day sales - I was never really intrigued by this whole event until the existence of online shopping websites and I started receiving subscribed emails, telling me that my favorite tops and pants (and everything!) ARE ON 50% OFF, in conjunction of this day.

Say whatttt :O

Asked the husband if he knew what Boxing Day means.

"It's the day after Christmas when people would return their Christmas gift to exchange for something else they want, hence the sales."

I Googled. There's no such thing -_-

So I realized that I haven't been shopping for my clothes for a while; especially since having Rayyan, shopping for baby clothes has always been our priority whenever we go out to malls. Raiding my wardrobe is even more frustrating - I realized most of the nice tops I own are made to look good when worn with jeans or pants that really define legs.

So I need more tops that won't make me look like I'm drowning in my loose pants or culottes. The existing ones? There are a few that I think I might give them away soon, but let me do this baby steps, OK?

So..where else do you look for nice tops? And at a cheaper price to boot!

Of late, I've been going out of Zara empty-handed, so last weekend was a nice change.

I love pussy bow tops. Owned a few pieces of this same style.

A crisp baby blue shirt, which is actually a cropped shirt - on me, it becomes regular-sized. Perfect to go with the culottes.

A casual black cropped top with beaded detail - which again, on me it becomes regular-sized top; ends perfectly around the hip. Love that the sleeve part is more structured as opposed to the loose body part.

I rarely ever wear anything with beads especially casual tops, but this one is an exception. Makes me feel edgier somehow.

So that concludes shopping for now. Until I start giving away the ones I don't need, don't think I'm gonna spend anymore on clothes.

What did you buy on Boxing Day sale?

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