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Germany : at the City Hall

Had to post these up, because the pictures are too pretty.

Before going to Berlin, Hawe and Zaku came all the way from their place to Hamburg just to accompany us jalan-jalan. Been postponing our plan since the last time I was in Europe - Amsterdam - we made plans to meet since she's in Germany but it never took off.

Finally made it this time! Despite plan taking off after 2 years lol.

They took us around Hamburg, and one of the places we went to is this beautifulllll building called Rathaus, means the City Hall of Hamburg, where the state parliament resides. Such a gorgeous building and architecture, I'm always amazed whenever I saw something like (which are very common in Europe -___-)

Reminded me of that building in Brussels.

We walked around the area, it was quite packed with people as it was the weekend. And sunny some more. The city hall is actually surrounded with shopping districts so stores are scattered all around. Not so bad.

I love Europe!

Us! And my boss.

It was so so sunny.

Joined some of the kids there chasing giant man-made bubbles. We saw the bubble guy everywhere - apparently he's big at the streets of Hamburg, kids would surround him everytime.

Some kind of water sports I didn't relate. The lake is actually stretched all the way to the lake near our hotel, so from here we just walked through the bridge and street to reach our hotel.

Where the City Hall is located. The big lake is the one near our hotel, and we had no idea until we saw the map and street names haha.

It was a beautiful weekend. Thank you Hawe and Zaku for coming!

I love having friends abroad. Made the usually boring and redundant business trip so so worth it when we made plans like these. I don't think I'd mind if I were to be sent abroad for work again, provided that these people would accompany me every weekend haha (the weekends I don't spend going through reports and work assignments, that is).

"You do realize you'll have a baby to bring if you were sent abroad again, right? And a husband?"

Can't imagine bringing a baby overseas on my own. Heck, I still can't imagine I'm having a baby!


  1. wait, the last time zatil pergi amsterdam tu 2 years ago? yg ada trip pergi paris sekali tu kan, bukan last year eh? why rasa mcm last year. kejapnya masa berlalu. pergi germany ni time spring last year ke sbb pakaian mcm light. ada beza tak spring (or season apa2 pon time tu) dkt sana dgn yg kat nihon?

    sorry banyak tanya. anon tak pernah gi europe :P

    1. Kejap je kan! :O

      Time ni spring I think. Sejuk jugak that's why pakai jacket, it's quite tebal actually (dalam gambar nampak light kot). Basically mcm sama je time spring dekat nihon, though summer dekat europe tak pernah experience lagi hehehe. InsyaAllah next trip!


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