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the accidental babymoon

Last few weeks, we received an invitation from Shahrul's sister - the family was planning to have a family day at Desaru.

Knowing it'd be a paid trip (yay), we happily said yes. (Realized that I've never been to any of southern beaches, especially in Johor sigh) But after a few days, the plan had to be cancelled due to unavailability of some of the family members, hence it'd not be a family day.

But since the resort was already booked, a few of us who are staying near southern region agreed to carry on with the initial plan, albeit just a few of us. The resort was booked anyway!

So it sort of..became our first beach getaway..since I've gotten pregnant.

Stayed at Lotus Desaru where we rented an apartment unit with 3 bedrooms.

The resort was a bit crowded due to the extra holiday for Deepavali, but accommodating nevertheless. The apartment was spacious enough for my sister-in-laws and their kids, so good enough for us.

They have a private beach with beach restaurants (reminded me of Bali!), a seafood restaurant, parasailing and bungee jumping activities, a spa and a theme park. Convenient for a family day.

 Sorry lah we're still newlyweds haha.

Beach restaurant which is similar to ones we saw in Bali, with its stools and bar. It's especially lively at night obviously.

Spent the weekend at the beach, bonding with the nieces at theme park and getting massage and facials at the spa in the resort. Back to the apartment with loud nieces to hang out with.

Not sure if we're doing it right, but not bad for a babymoon.


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