traveling first class for the first time

Sorry, this is me being jakun a bit.

During the recent work trip, we were traveling KL-Dubai-Hamburg and it was my first time with Emirates. We were usually given Malaysia Airlines tickets for business trips - so having been accustomed with MAS, I figured this would be more or less the same - both are after all, airlines, right?


During our flight back from Dubai to KL, my boss and I were upgraded to first class from business class - something I thought would only happen in my dream. Upon embarking, going to the business class seats would require us to pass through the first class section - which had me drooling everytime, looking at the poshness of the luxury suites.

Except that day, when we were ready for boarding and I showed my ticket to the flight attendant.

"Sorry Miss, I think you've been bumped to first class. Let me check"
*hands me the first class ticket*

And off I went to the (6-hour) land of happiness.

Before the flight, the flight attendants would come and introduce themselves to each of us. It was..weird; kind of felt like we have our own butler. Then we were shown all the gadgets in the cube and how to use them i.e. the mini bar, the desk lamp, a basket of chocolates and biscuits, a mirror, the entertainment gadget and the seat.

We were also asked the time we'd like them to bring the food, as they will customize the meal time accordingly. Hence you will not be disturbed for meal time while you're sleeping, something I find really annoying during flights.

And..the meals are ala-carte, which means you get to order anything, anytime. Forgot to take pictures of the food, but they were good! Ordered some breads with cheese because I just had briyani at the lounge - the cheese was too exotic for my liking, though. 

30 minutes into the flight and I was already in blanket.

The movie choices are good, and we were given the standard essentials kit which contained lotions, perfume samples, toothbrush and everything from Bvlgari - but upon arrival, I realized I left mine in the flight T.T The kit was given in a polished black leather pouch bag of Bvlgari, for God's sake!

So I just moved on with life with the bathrobe and the basket of chocolates. Bathrobes were given because they have showers for first class; where they also provide lotions and perfumes in the toilet.

Super swankyness.

The Bvlgari kit for business class - imagine this, in black leather for first class. Way too cool.

I doubt that I'd get this lucky during the trips to come (crossing fingers) but I'd definitely remember this one.

So how to get yourself bumped to first class?

+ Find out if your flight is fully booked, or the nominal flight of a certain route (which people would usually travel) and ask if you could get bumped. The flight attendant told me that if the flight was full, those traveling in business class would get bumped to the empty first class seats to maximize the space. Thus why sometimes we get bumped from economy to business, too.

+ Try flirting with the flight attendant.

Might not always work, but worth the try. did a full review, my pictures didn't do any justice.


  1. and if you want to experience 1st class again (travel sendiri bukan under company), boleh try beli ticket from agent. A lot cheaper if compare harga standard. ;)

    Hahaha why lahhh tinggal Bvlgari pouch bag!! Cz it was free, bila tertinggal tu anon boleh imagine the feels. Anon kalau free stuff memang susah nak lupa/ tinggal.

    1. I don't know if I could justify my own money buying first class tickets T.T or if you have a really good agent, do recommend!

      Tu lah I almost cried when I realized. Pregnancy brain kot, sobs.



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