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felt the baby kicks

Reaching second trimester means I get to feel the baby kicks, they say.

So after a few weeks, I started to feel a bit off at some places of my belly at random times - and sometimes those 'feelings' were painful, too. Not the whooshy feeling most Mommy-to-bes would gloat about - it's the tingly, sometimes is-that-a-piranha painful feeling; and not one that I'd be smiling about.

Thinking it was just gases or I ate wrong, I just brushed it off every time and get on with life. Thankfully it goes as fast as it comes!

(Mommy-to-bes, do advise if this is normal T.T)

Until a few days ago, I felt something different - now it's not painful anymore, it's just a movement I can feel from inside and also outside. The first time, I put my hands on my belly thinking maybe it's gas.

It's not.

It's the baby, kicking!

And I'm sure of this because it's nothing like I've experienced before - and definitely not coming from me.

So back from work that day, I told the husband how I can feel the baby kicks now; so he put his hands to feel it too - even though I didn't feel anything at that moment -____-

"How's that feeling? Is it painful?"
"No, it wasn't painful but more like a 'blub' from inside my uterus", I told him.

So he got excited, and would put his hands on my stomach to feel the kicks..only to be disappointed each time because the baby seems to stop kicking right after he puts his hands on me haha WTF. He'd move his hands around, feeling for something that he'd think it's the baby..

Only nothing is happening there.

It was getting funnier, and I can see he's giving up with why-won't-the-baby-kick face, all disappointed. Tried to console him by saying that maybe it's just me, because maybe it's way too early to even feel the kicks.

(Not completely sure if he buys it though, because he reads every day and he's bound to figure out sooner or later, anyhow.)

Until during the car ride today when we were on the way back to KL, I suddenly felt the baby kicked a bit harder than usual and immediately told him to feel.

And he finally did. Twice.

And we can confirm that that's the baby, kicking. Haha.


  1. Salam, I really love reading your blog..and now pregnant with my 2nd, need to assure you that everything that you said I have experienced it before during my 1st ones and it's completely normal!!..especially the gas part and the "why-won't-the-baby-kick face"..haha..and now my husband doesn't care much like the first time..huhu..but it's fine..i think he's just tired of taking care of my son..since i'm pregnant with no 2, i mmg lepas tangan jer...semua suruh dia buat...hohoho..anyway all the best'll be such a wonderful mother, and i could tell that your husband will such an amazing father who will do everything for you..take care ; )

    1. Hi Anon,
      Woah second child, good luck! Alhamdulillah I think I'm coping well (well, better than the 1st trimester T.T) apart from the morning sickness hehe. You're lucky he still does everything for you, even after 2 pregnancies. Wish I'd be that lucky hahaha.
      Thank you for your comment, my husband and I appreciate it :) do pray for our smooth journey ok? <3


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