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My mum, sister and baby niece were in KL last week to accompany me while the husband was away for his business trip. It was their first time sleeping over at our new place, so I was looking forward especially to babysit baby niece at home.

Well..things didn't go as planned. Or as well as I've thought.

Baby niece is all grown up now (she's almost 4!) and she's so different from what I've pictured in my head, from last year or a year ago.

She's grown from innocent to a handful. And I didn't realize kids her age are really expressive and can actually quite understand whatever the bull* we tell them, and can actually disagree and fight back.

We went to Aquaria KLCC because I wanted to bring her around, and going to the zoo seems so outdated. So kids like fishes in aquarium..or so I thought.

She was running around, peeking at the aquariums, the fishes and was very energetic at first. But the energy level went down after a while (can't blame her, there isn't much to see anyway. I was impressed at the sharks, mostly) and she was getting restless.

Never mind, I thought, maybe she's tired. So we settled after an hour plus walking around in the Aquaria and went to go for lunch.

We ordered. My sister ordered both for her and baby niece.

Our orders came.

Baby niece looked at mine and said,
"I want that one"
If there's anything I hate, it's kids claiming everything in the world is theirs. I was Head of Discipline bureau back in high school for a reason!

I could feel my cheeks burning.
"No, this is Acik's (me)"
Then she started to throw tantrums.
"Umiiii I want that oneeee"
Wailed and screamed.
 "No, yours is that one. Mine is this one"
I was still berdegil because I didn't want her to think she can get anything she wants, as long as she's screaming. My sister tried to comfort her at first, but resorted to just keep quiet and watch the drama at the table.
"NOOO! I want that oneeeee"
So I gathered my calm (didn't know I had, I honestly wanted to scream too) and told her,
"If you want mine, ask nicely. Say 'Acik, can I please have some of yours' to me. Nicely."
I had to repeat that a few times because she didn't quite hear me with all the screaming.

But after a while, she responded.
"Ok..Acik, can I have some of yours..."
...while sobbing.

So I melted and gave her my whole mushroom soup plate.

I don't know if I could survive spending each day dealing with tantrums like hers, but at least now I know - kids can be taught manners.


  1. haha. i feel u! kids are not my specialty either T__T



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