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Japanese movie date

So I received this in my inbox, sent by the lovely husband a few days ago.

It's Japanese Film Festival this year!

Upon seeing the poster, I knew instantly which movie he wants to see - the ones with Inoue Mao in it, of course. We both got hooked to Hanadan pretty early in the relationship, and as much as I was drooling over Matsujun back then, I knew he was (secretly) falling in love with Inoue Mao, too.

I love her, too, so I didn't mind tagging along to see one of her movies in the film festival at GSC. So we booked our tickets for Tug of War and went to see it last weekend.

The movie was supposed to be a comedy, but I came out of the cinema..crying WTF T.T

There was a lot of comedy in it but there was also a lot of life lessons you'd find hard to miss in any Japanese movie - family, parents, kids, relationships. I didn't expect the movie would be anything but subtle Japanese comedy when we went in, but I was proved wrong (and will never hear the end of it from the husband). You'll have to see it, but if you're familiar with any (good) Japanese film, you'd know how good it can get even though the poster seems silly.

The lead actor, Tetsuji Tamayama (who we both never heard of) was also good. And good looking too. (just found out he starred in Nana back in 2005 - NO WONDER!)

Another movie starring Inoue Mao, The Snow White Murder Case, is showing too. We didn't get to see it yet, but I bet the husband is contemplating on tickets as we speak. (he saved both movies' schedule in his phone -___-")

Matsujun, I'm waiting for your return with new (good) movies, please.

Went to get my Japanese crepe craving fulfilled, too. Somewhat.

Been craving for the tuna egg cheese crepe I used I have back in Hiroshima for a few weeks now, and finally managed to find an outlet in Sunway Pyramid but it wasn't as good. Disappointed, I went searching for other outlets - this Shimino Japanese crepe was the only one alternative I could find.

It was terrible. Nothing like what I used to have back in Japan.

If you happen to know any other Japanese crepe outlets, do let this pregnant woman know. T.T


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