Bali : Trying Out Luwak Coffee

After Ubud, pak supir took us to our next destination - a coffee heaven!

Felt like he knows my weakness.

Luwak coffee is apparently so famous in Bali that a trip there is not a question, and it has an area which I called 'ladang coffee' because we were surrounded with coffee bean trees (coffee farm is a better word) everywhere. It is located near Ubud, Kintamani.

So since it's so famous (dubbed the best coffee taste by coffee-lovers all over the world), I asked Pak Suchan,

"So what makes it different from other regular coffee beans?"
He said,
"The coffee beans are produced by musang who would eat the coffee berries first and when they poop, the coffee beans would come out. The farmers would collect their poop and process them into Luwak coffee beans we drink today"
It didn't sound so appealing after all.

When we reached the farm, a host greeted us and ushered to sit at a bench where there was a collection of coffees and teas. He asked what we'd like to try, what we'd like to experience, etc.
"I'd like a good taste of coffee"
So he made us several.

These tastings are free, while for Luwak coffee, you'd have to pay 50,000 rupiah per cup. I tasted all except coffee ginseng and ginger tea (ginseng and ginger and tea WTF), and my favorite was Oka coconut coffee. It was so good that we even bought a packet as a souvenir.

They have this special device to brew the Luwak coffee beans, which resembles my lab apparatus back in uni.

Boiled, and done!

The verdict? As a coffee addict, I don't see why it's so famous - it tasted average to me. Pak Suchan said you'd have to be really really into coffee to notice the difference between this and other coffee.

Well maybe I'm not that addicted after all.

Then, we went melilau around the coffee beans farm.

 The musang who makes Luwak coffee happen.

 We get to experience how to process the beans too! (albeit for just 5 minutes doing this)

It was one of the most memorable trip in Bali to me, because we get to experience many things that were different from usual at this farm. And probably because I love coffees and teas, and the fact that we get to do tastings just simple enough to amuse me. (I read reviews on the internet - most of the tourists didn't like the tour because it's not adventurous enough WTF haha I'm so weird.)

If you're in Bali and have a pak supir to bring you around, chances are he'd take you to this farm since most of them would include this one in their packages. Be sure to try this coffee if you're a coffee addict because well, who wouldn't.

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