settling the drafts.

One of the many samples we took inspirations from

Went to see our wedding invitation card's draft finally!

The designer called to ask us to come check the drafts, and since I'm a bit particular about these things (needed the whole day just to settle on design -___-) we decided to get it settled as early as we can. The designer was nice and very calm handling our inquiries and changes to do on the draft, which is a relief cause I changed my mind on a few things at the last minute (note for future brides, make up your mind at the very first appointment! And always tell them whatever concerns you have, or else you'd end up wondering about it for days. True story.)

The fiancé on the other hand, is actually even more anal than I am (however laid-back he claims he is). He even re-checked my revised draft -____-"

The draft looks exactly how we wanted it to be, but I'm a bit nervous to see how the actual printed cards would turn out. Sleepless nights from now on.


  1. just curious, u buat wedding card dekat mane eh? kind to share :)

    1. Hi bride2be, dekat LH Creative Concept, Jln Pudu :)


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