Al-Humaira scarves

When people ask if I have specific favorite scarf brands (Malaysia apparently has a lot of them now), I don't really know what to say cause I'm not that fussy when it comes to scarves (well Vela is an exception).

Most of the scarves I wear vary a lot - and if you ask me, so far the priciest piece I have the Vela one. But it's not one that I wear everyday; my usual staple scarf actually plain old chiffon pieces bought at the most random places I can't even remember anymore.

So when I moved to Bangi, I realized there are actually a lot of high-end scarf brands here that are worth adding to your collection. And I discovered a gem recently, Al-Humaira Contemporary scarves!

Scarf and cardigan aka the most comfy cardigan in the world by Al-Humaira Contemporary

I don't know if it's the trend nowadays but they carry a lot of plain, soft chiffon scarves in all sorts of shape. The one thing I'm fussy about is the scarf material - I've always preferred soft chiffon but not too soft that it'll be difficult to withstand winds and caused wrinkles; so when I discovered lots of their scarves are exactly this type, my hands went crazy.

For this one, I actually picked it up and had no idea how to wear it at all until the nice salesgirl came and showed me how the model styled it. I never knew there's so many ways you can actually wear a scarf, was so amazed at how pro the salesgirl was!

(I only knew about three ways how to wear a long scarf, to be honest. And most of the time I'd go with the simplest one, like how I wear the scarf to work.)

And yes, the way I wore above did not match hers at all. But I just kind of went with my instinct and hands; and it kind of turned out that way.

Love it so much that I bought 4 scarves in different colors.

Me : Do you think this looks OK with me? Or is it too messy?
Him : You look beautiful however you wear the scarf, sayang.

However sweet it is, it's seriously not helping.

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