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Came across something I think a lot of us can relate to.

I've never heard of 'hate-reading' before, but apparently it's something like a pleasure you get by reading updates/stories of someone you know you want to loathe or mock. Especially nowadays when you can get updates easily through FB, you'd scroll through the pages of that friend's selfies and hating every single one of it - when you know you can opt not to see or care, but you just can't help it.

Sounds familiar? Yeah. Never knew that there's even a specific term for it!

Of course, loathing all those selfies your friends posted is a minor case. There's a lot more serious hate-reading going on especially people with blogs where you can access their life easily and even leave hate comments out of spite as internet has this Anonymous rule you can use.

"I've never publicly trolled. Yet, in my head, I'm trolling all the time, a constant whirring of negativity that only really harms myself"

HAHA Ok let's stop trolling in silence then. Let's find something positive to read and be nicer.

I'd recommend, picks me up anytime.

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