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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

the apartment.

Stayed at a hotel for 2 days before the lovely people at our partner company found us an apartment to rent!

OMG, I'm so glad to move out from the hotel. Nice hotel room, but the service is really not up to the 5-star they claimed they were. And it's nice to have my own place with kitchen and washing machine!

 When I first met my new bed and the hugeass wardrobe with a hugeass mirror on the sliding door of the wardrobe. Crazy. These days I've been waking up to see my face on that mirror and it still freaks me out.

My balcony is facing the beach, so I can hear the sound of waves and people hanging out at the beach, which is awesome. Remember the beach holiday? Well now I can have my own private beach holiday! Haha.

Unfortunately, words are this beach is a "nude beach" aka people are hanging out here without their clothes on, which I hope isn't true. Sobs. Go find other beach, I NEED MY OWN BEACH HOLIDAY! :(

The hotel right in front of our apartment.

As for food, I've been having takeaways cause my kitchen doesn't have anything yet except some pots and plates and mugs. Thank God there's a microwave in the kitchen. Yes, I'm such a sad traveler.

Need to go out and buy some onions, chicken and meat pronto.


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