short trip to bruges.

You know what people usually dread about going on a business trip?

Having to see your boss 24/7 in a foreign country, which means having official meetings in the office during the day, and unofficial meetings during the breaks - lunch, dinner (as you're also having meals with them - someone has GOT to tech me how to say no whenever the bosses ask "so, are you coming too?"), WEEKENDS.

I thought I could have a weekend all to myself, but suddenly they asked (more like told, cause you could never say no to an exclusive invitation) "what about going to Bruges, Belgium this Sunday?" and my awkward yes just came out. Stupid mouth.

But surprisingly, I had fun!! We freaking went to Bruges people!!

 Some of the shops at the city centre. Even saw Zara and H&M but they were closed, I don't know why.

We went there by bus, which is considered the cheapest compared to train tickets. And this is my first time going on a tour with a group of people; kinda felt like true tourists. Haha. Even went on the red tourist bus and everything. (My whole 4 years in Japan, never had I ever been on a tour. Ever.)

We arrived after a 3-hour trip, and as soon as we touched the ground, I was glad I joined my bosses. The city is beautiful.

 I'm guessing this is an old office building.

 Some of the buildings are so similar to the ones in Amsterdam.

 This is probably the one building that impresses me. Love the sculptures!

 The flea market there, selling all sorts of vintage stuff that makes me want to live there

 And we went on a boat trip! According to the tourist guide, the boat ride is a must as you'll be taken to all the areas in the city only connected by canals - which will make you enjoy the town in a different view. Reminded me of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist.

Except that this is shot in Venice.

 Having late lunch at an Italian restaurant.

But we couldn't find any halal restaurant, which really bummed me out. You know what I had at the Italian restaurant? A whole big pot of mussels 'creamy sauce'.

It was hot, sunny and we walked a lot; I need meat goddamnit!

But to be honest, if you aren't the type who'd enjoy old things (buildings, roads, all things alike); then I'm afraid this lil city is not for you. I mean, I always enjoy vintage - but even after spending mere few hours here, I was already bored. There's really not much to do here - I was hoping for horse-riding, archery and stuff but nothing except the boat ride!

If you've got only a few days to spend in Holland/Belgium, go to Amsterdam and Brussels (which I've not been to yet - will do :)) and opt for Bruges only if you have extra time in your hands.

But nonetheless, Bruges was awesome. And no, I haven't seen the Colin Farrell movie.

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