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meeting 101.

So I've been in meetings the whole last week that I think my brain was so jammed with all the new information I needed to process in order to do the minutes of the meeting, I had finger-cramps (is that a word?) from writing in my notebook too fast, my butt was freezing and glued to the leather seat already.

The whole time, in between paying attention to the presentation and discussion - I noticed some things that I think important for an effective meeting. I mean, pity the innocent new girl who have to write the minute details!

  • always double-check your presentation pack. You don't want to have petty spelling mistakes like "tempereture" and "expendature" in front of the big bosses
  • always highlight if you prefer the members to have questions in the middle of your presentation or at the end of it - it always helps
  • if you need a certain someone to write down minutes, inform them beforehand so that they'll be prepared
  • the MC plays a huge role in keeping the agenda in tact and not lagged, also to remind everyone every once in a while on the objective so that the main agenda is in everyone's front mind
  • if the super big bosses were present, always hear what they have to say. Sometimes you don't even need to say anything; they won't even notice you - but it's always nice to give some impact to the meeting. But if the situation doesn't grant you the chance to speak, then don't force it cause you'd look more like you're forcing yourself to it
  • this might sound rough, but going to the toilet during an intense discussion will look unprofessional - believe me, I've experienced it -____-" You'd also lost a chance you might have to make an impression when the subject comes, so go to the toilet before the meeting!
  • do NOT fall asleep no matter how boring it is
  • bring your blazer, you'll look so out of place if everyone's wearing the full-on black suits and you with your yellow top
  • always have a notebook during a meeting

Needless to say, it was my first ever so intense meeting and discussion last week, and boy, I wish I've had more things prepared. Mentally and physically. I've been in lots of meeting before, but this time it was different - especially when the participants were the ones with the "Dato'" and "Datin" titles. It was definitely intriguing - I mean, these people are among the respected people in the company and even in Malaysia, so I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.

But it was also a good experience for me. To be able to meet the important people, make an impression (albeit a strong one or not - at least they knew my name!), to watch how they make decisions, how they come into a conclusion, what is good not just for the company but also for the market competition, everything.

I've learned more than I ever could in my entire uni life, during that one week.

And they say all we know about is engineering!

I was even given a task to analyze an agreement from the legal department, and give my opinion on what I think of the agreement. Which is almost like giving Lady Gaga a manual on how to fly an airplane. It was so bloody hard!! I've never taken up any law or business course in uni, let alone reading all the law language.

But somehow I feel like I'm growing, and going into a new foreign area I know nothing about but I know is important in my career path. All I've been working for this past year, regardless of where I've been and where I am now, the most important thing I feel is to be in clear vision of what you want to be in your life. People can't determine the path you want to be in.

And deep inside, I know this is where I want to be.


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