what i did last weekend.

I watched Johnny Depp. I mean, Pirates of the Caribbean.
Went to Gurney Plaza after so many years with friends.
Saw Padang Kota Lama. After, like, 20 years.
Saw Seoul Garden, made a mental note to go there for once, someday. I swear everyone in the world dah pergi but me.
Went to Penang most famous Nasi Kandar place. (forgot the name)
Went inside Charles & Keith AND refused to buy anything. MANN what an achievement.
Went to Batu Ferringhi and its famous night market!

 In front of some hotel by the beach

 Some craftwork by a Chinese pakcik, so so nice.

 I was glued to this shop for hours.

When I walked past this stall, I swear I did a double take. Or maybe a longgg triple take. The bags are amazing!! I love the color and the funky side of them - something I rarely look for when it comes to bags. But these did it, I almost grab two of them when I noticed the gold chain strap were too cheap-looking material for bags, and the price for each bag is RM60. Wtf. I was looking for my 20 bucks notes in my purse at that time!

I always look forward to these night markets (pasar malam) because the things you can find here are usually very rare. Some even vintage, which spells heaven for me. I love the friendly air, the cheap stuffs (of course), the live-ness of the people. Though some might even turn out scary.

That's why you should drag your guy friends with you to places like this.

The guys - Yazid, Ayie, Basha.

It was a fun night, I don't do this night outings regularly so having been able to experience a trip like this is very refreshing.

Penang isn't so bad after all.

You can look for these night markets around Batu Ferringhi roads, just follow the jalan by the sea :)


  1. what a great weekend you had. hope to see u this coming weekend..atin, nnti bawak aku pg night market tuh leh?hehe..dh lame tringin..

  2. Great photos :) & awesome, did you watch pirates of the carribean in the 3d? I heard that it's brilliant :D

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  3. @fatunk : it was great to see you last few days! okayy dtg penang lah nnt I'll bawak k :)

    @sanam : thanks! no watched it the 2d version, might go for 3d pulak after this. tskk haha. have you watched it?



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