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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

of the dream job.

When it comes to career, I always knew what I want to be.

When I was small, I saw my uncle travelling and going in and out of Malaysia because of 'work'. Me and my sisters, especially would always get souvenirs he bought from his trips to London, US etc - I think that's where and when I develop my love for Harrods. I remember a Disneyland princess key chain I loved so much, and a long giant pencil with British flag on it.

When asked, Mum said my uncle works as an engineer. I knew right there and then, that's what (and who) I want to become.

Amazingly, that dream hasn't changed over the years. In high school, I thought about taking medicine, and later on geology - based on reasons I didn't really understand. I guess that's what SBP does to you; you're always being pushed over the top to become someone in the country, which has both the good and bad side. But luckily for me, having those opportunities really make me realize my true ambition.

I just got my official degree posted by my former labmate a few weeks ago, who was so sweet to send it all the way from Japan!

So that's it. This paper officially concludes the 4 long years I've spent there, it almost seems impossible.

I know I whine about my job (and study, wayy before that..if you've looked over the archives. Sorry for that.) a lot, but deep inside I just feel like I'm so scared of not knowing what to do. Being a fresh graduate engineer with zero experience surrounded with experienced senior engineers and managers doesn't make it any better; I hate not knowing what to do. Of course, asking around is the only thing we can do, but sometimes even the slightest lack of knowledge drives me crazy, I feel like I need to learn more.

And really, reading is one of the things I believe can help. Since my interest is oil and gas industry, (don't even ask how I can become an employee of a technology manufacturing company - I don't even know. Sigh.) I tend to look for more oil and gas industry stuffs. The way to make up for not having the experience is getting the knowledge first, so I googled a lot.

I found this blog by a Malaysian oil and gas engineer, Wata. It's a fun and enjoyable read, besides learning more about the industry, you can really see how these people work. He also advertises oil and gas engineer vacancies, so be nice to him and you might get a chance!

Though I might hate you for getting my dream job. Pfft.


  1. atil! exxon ade vacancies! try laaa tp kt terengganu and offshore! :)

  2. haa kat tganu dah tu cpt apply!!

  3. @bazilah : thank you buzzy!! Mmg nak apply exxon but tulah too many things to do and apply right now. InsyaAllah will apply. But Terengganu..isk. Jauhh :(

    @'the almighty me' : read above. *angel face*

  4. luvvv this entry!!! =D congrats..

  5. tu la org kate kite mesti ada cita2, kalo x xde tujuan.., sbb xtahu nak jadi apa besar nnti
    macam u kecik2 dah tau nak jadi ape, so ada target utk dapatkan ape yg kite nak tu..
    mcm i course yg i amik tu, honest tu say xminat pun, semua sbb my family nak i jadi itu ini. i pnye minat tu simpan lam almari je.
    and now, degree tu i simpan lam almari je sbb xminat apa yg i buat. actually i amik course in law.
    dengar cam hebat. tapi klo xminat xjadi jugak.
    panjang membebel, sbenarnya nak cakap... BERTUAH nye jadi u..

    1. Your comment almost made me cry! I don't think I deserve it but thank you so much :))

      Don't worry, good people are promised good rezeki from Allah. Just keep praying that He will guide us to where we're supposed to be. Not necessarily where we want to be, but rather where we need to be. That's what I believe. My own journey is still long to go now, so it's a reminder for me too.

      Let's have faith, insyaAllah :)


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