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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

last day in hiroshima.

Am on the bus to Osaka now, first attempt to blog using his phone cause I've canceled my number. Living without phone and internet is HARD, people.

Anyway, we went Purikura-ing for the first time today! It. Was. Hilarious. But I gotta say, he's not so bad for a first timer.

Sorry for the cheesiness, we're not usually like this. I SWEAR.

Anyway. Do you know how hard it is to type on a moving vehicle?! I've a newfound respect for those with laptops on the go nowadays, cause this iPhone keypad is really bugging me. Pfft.

Tomorrow's the day. Can't really tell if I'm happy or sad, though. But leaving Japan is definitely a hard thing to do, having spent 4 years here.

And this whole long distance relationship thing really sucks.


  1. zatil...take care!
    tak dpt jmp but thanks alot sepanjang kat hiroshima!
    update blog bila free yea=)

  2. itu lelaki punya orang punya mata banyak haiiyaaa !!!

    geligeli ni bos

  3. Purikura is definitely a Japanese thing!! So kawaii!!

  4. @kak iza : tulah tak smpt nak jumpe kan :( nnt sy pegi nihon kite jumpe k? hehe. thanks for everything kak iza!! <3 :)

    @incik neng : kalah mata aku kan. sobs.

    @la petite cherie : was so excited cause this purikura is, by far, the kawaii-est one I've ever gotten! haha. he was mortified, though.

  5. comel!=)


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