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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
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hello, malaysia.

I think I've gained 10 pounds since I first got home on Saturday.

Like, seriously.
3 course of rice + all sorts of Malay-type all-oil-and-cholesterol-baby chicken dishes + ice cream + jeruk + KFC every day doesn't exactly scream diet, so expect a ballooned-up version of me one week from now.

Am not complaining, though :) I was 37.5 kg last week, for God's sake! But I know for sure my boyfriend would hate by now, for rubbing in his face like this. Hehe.

Reached Penang safe and sound last Saturday, and Sunday was my 24th birthday! My mum was especially ecstatic to celebrate the day with me, since I've spent my last 4 birthdays far away from home, this is basically my first birthday at home in my twenties. NO MORE PRESENTS. It doesn't help when your mum thinks you're all grown up and doesn't need anymore presents and your sisters are having their own lives and baby and husband to take care of, while in my head I'm still 18.

Leaving Japan was hard. I didn't think it would be that hard, I thought seeing my mum and family would make it all better - well it did, a bit - but I miss Japan instantly. And him. I don't need to tell you how the drama at the airport went, thank God there weren't many familiar faces there.

At the airport. My eyes were swollen up to twice its size, no kidding. When I reached Penang Airport, my sister actually said 'you look like skeleton'. Eyebags, pale face, smeared eyeliner. Very sexy.

It feels weird, being in Malaysia for good after all these years. He started working yesterday, so we're still adjusting to his 8 am - 8 pm work hours. I'm in awe with Skype and Viber, cause seriously, these are what LDR couples' life depend on! I still can't believe I can call him using Viber for free. FOR FREE. If anyone decided to kill this app or anything like that, I swear I'll find and kill him. 

Anyway, I've found my new companion.


On a brighter note, my generous friend from MagicBeads Portal gave me a discount voucher for my birthday! WOOOHOOOO. If you haven't visit their site yet, please do. I think other than FashionValet and Poplook, this is where you should look for nice and chic clothes.

Sigh, my friends all have their own businesses nowadays..I feel so old.

It was hard for me to shop online from Malaysia online boutiques before, partly because of the shipping cost and the all the payment hassle (I hope Pos Malaysia has changed for the better. Please) and partly because I know I'd tend to shop more when I'm in Malaysia. Now that I'm home, I realize I have to open new bank accounts and whatnots!

This is what happens when you only come back once every two years.

MagicBeads Portal, please please extend my voucher period..the Zahra kaftan dress is too nice :(


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