to the guy(s) next door.


I hope I'm not bothering you with this sudden mail.

I know you're probably having the time of your life partying like it's 1999 cause I CAN HEAR THE SONGS (BACKSTREET BOYS?? SERIOUSLY??) but unfortunately unlike you, some of us actually have to have a good a-home-therapy rest.

Especially me, after spending the whole day drawing and scaling like no other (AND I HATE DRAWING, NOT MY FORTE) my head is spinning in a crazy-ass roller coaster ride I can feel the whirlwind and everything, my hands feel so heavy I can barely type, my eyes are two huge donuts with the horrible eyebags I've ever had.

So do me a favor and shut up your party. Yes I know I'm not making any sense. JUST SHADDAAPPP ALREADY.

And by the way, your outdoor karaoke is against the law, since your outdoor is the tiny little space right outside my window (and the road, of course) so I can sue for invasion. But I won't, cause I'm a perfectly good non-citizen with great freaking deal of understanding.

Unlike you.

So please, take your party somewhere else before I open the window and English curse you. It'd be bad cause you won't get a thing, I promise.

See? Still keeping my cool. PEACE!

Your not-so-happy neighbour.


  1. i feeeeel u because we're facing the same prob!

    some people just don't know how to respect others. in my case, my neighbours next door perli me & my roommate balik lps ktrg tegur dgn pnh berhemah & sopan. it's so rude!

  2. ok that was rude. but if it happened in msia, tak pelik kot kan? -__- byk case I've heard camtu, apparently msians are not very good at taking criticism. don't worry you did the right thing. ;)



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