some very well dressed British siblings.

If people asked which young celebrity I probably most envious of, I'd say Emma Watson. Anytime.
She's got nice skin, fabulous hairstyle(s), fabulous fashion sense, sexy accent, great brain.

Young celebrity, mind you.

Not to mention her brilliant Burberry ads not so long ago.

Back when she had her iconic long lock
That guy is actually Miss Emma Watson's brother, Alex Watson. I'm sure you can tell, her brother is like the guy version of her! Gorgeous..(I'm at risk of sounding like a pedophile here, I know)

 Probably my most favorite among all her pictures. her whole family this good looking?

So totally in love with her. My Tumblr used to be filled with her pictures' reblogs!
(and her brother's, too)

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, this post came from spending hours raiding my wardrobe and found 2 trench coats (1 was bought two years ago and worn ONCE, 1 was from my sister after she came back from NZ) have to be worn before going back to Malaysia, and trench coats led to Burberry and Burberry led to Emma Watson.

Things that I do in my pastime. Very informative.

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