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Thursday, January 13, 2011

OK, so I'm trying hard to sleep (no the guys next door don't bother me anymore, trying to get the sleep they lost last night I presume) but I just can't get these outta my head..

The oh-so-beautiful silk Armine scarves.

Me : (quickly copy-pasting the URL and send it to dear boyfriend) OMGG cantiknyeeeeeeee *batting eyelashes*
Him : I think I saw these a lot dekat Pasar Payang..

Pfftt. Buzzkill.

I see a lot of shawls trend these days, what more with the ever-expanding Malaysian fashion bloggers' influence that creates a phenomenal transformation of the youngsters. I swear, I might faint upon my arrival at KLIA this March, seeing just how different Malaysian girls are now. I mean, tudung bawal?? Who wears that nowadays? Hehe. (a true tudung bawal-lover at heart)

So I've seen these scarves a lot in hijab-related pictures and articles, but I didn't know they're actually a Turkish brand called Armine. I don't know how long they've been in the fashion world, but the scarves are amazingly beautiful.

(and why, oh why the models are always so flawlessly beautiful..)
My favorite of all.

I love how the way the scarves make the models look so polished and elegant and understated; you can see not a single accessories used yet they can pull the whole outfit together. (or maybe it's just because of the pretty models.) I love accessorizing but maybe not on my head and hijabs; so a very well-patterned shawl is perfect for me.

And when it's silk, it's perfect.

Except for the price. $55 a piece. That's almost 4600 yen. Can I get this for an early birthday present please to-whom-it-may-concerned? Hehe.

But considering the quality, I don't mind investing in these gorgeous pieces. Yes, I call that 'investment'.

Definitely my favorite right after Vela :)



    But I never look good in silk, grrr . Esp hijab, it will go senget big time !

  2. Haha I've never worn one as a hijab, but I really wanna tryy! anddd chiffon silk..sighs.


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