on blogging and the PMS video.

These days, opening my blog email's inbox has been my number one favorite thing on my list. I've gotten emails from lovely blogger friends/fellow bloggers (I still refused to say readers, it's just weird..or maybe I'm such a weirdo) and they really made my day! Thank you :')

During my first stages of blogging, I was torn between keeping it private or public. The horror of my mum finding out this blog keeps me in between; but being a girl, whenever I see something that triggers my inner girly radar I'd always want to put it up here and share it with the world. (whether or not the world wants to know) So at times I just can't make up my mind, hence the public-and-private-and-public-again phases.

I never want to make blogging some sort of competition, or a medium to bash other people. I try to minimize the negativity but being human, I might've crossed that fine line between freedom of speech and negativity. So I'm sorry, and I hope I can stay blogging the way I feel decent enough for me to go on in this blogosphere that has taught me so many things; discovering new things and people has never felt so blissful.

So. Keep the emails and questions coming! :)

Anyway. I happened to come across this lovely blogger with an exceptional sense of humor (I'm sure everyone thinks so) through my friend's blog. A fashionista hijabi (or hijabi fashionista? I honestly don't know. Bear with me.) with a sense of humor, Maria Elena is Greek Helen.


I've actually read her blog before she wore the hijab through Ezzah's blog when she tagged me in Black & White contest, and I see that she was tagged by Maria, and when I saw her black & white picture I was all "omg the picture is soo pretty..". Then I went through this bloghopping hiatus (yeah..occasionally) and only recently after reading her blog I realized she was the black & white picture girl. (OK don't hit yourself I'm not making sense with the sentence here)

But in all seriousness, I've never encountered someone as entertaining as her. Am loving the accent and attitude! I even make my boyfriend watch this PMS video OK HAHAHA.

And the fact that she, too, is a chemical engineer is totally..cool.



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