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Bali : Biku

After hanging out at the beach, we dropped by Biku, the most famous high tea place in Seminyak.

Only that we didn't drop by because we knew it was famous, but because we liked what we saw outside. It's a restaurant resided in a veryy old looking wooden building, and was so close to our villa.

Turns out it's a well-known place in Bali and owned by a royal princess of Bali :O

Here's how close it is to our villa. Screenshot of map taken from their website.

We were lucky that when we reached there, there were some empty tables so we didn't have to wait. Read somewhere that during peak season, one would have to call in advance to secure tables :O

We weren't hungry so we opted for coffees, cakes and scones instead of other heavy meals. The coffee was good - so all the hype about the place is well-deserved!

Cakes and scones are OK, though. Considering Bali, the menus are leaning towards West-East infusion so don't expect them to be as good as sipping coffee and having scones in Paris.

Loved the environment nevertheless!

What weird to me was, there was a Tarot card reading section in a corner. The service is offered to customers having lunch and high tea only. So random.

And at the front, when you walk in, you'd be greeted with a "bookshelves" section which stocks variety of books - Malay, English, Bali travel books, maps, etc. The whole section looks like an old library where you could just chill with your afternoon tea and read. There are also chairs for you to sit, too.

Tres cool!

The toilet is located at the back, and even the toilet decor is beautifully done that I took a picture while I was in there haha WTF. The husband, scrolling down my phone and saw the picture,

"Dalam toilet pun nak ambil gambar?!"

It wasn't a selfie, was a picture of the toilet bowl and the thing behind the bowl. Took the picture because it looks so rustic I wanted to take inspiration for my new toilet lol.

(Should have taken a selfie instead, the mirrors in there were gorgeous too T.T)

In summary, Biku was awesome because :

nice Bali traditional ambience
books to read for free while having tea/coffee
friendly waiters/waitresses
Tarot reading (obviously we didn't do it though, but quite fun to witness it)
nice coffee!
huge selection of desserts and cakes
owned by a royal princess of Bali

If you're looking for a unique royalty place to hang out, head to Biku!


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