got my bag back yay.

Got a text from MyBagSpa last week saying my bag is ready for collection woohoo.

I never realized how significant this particular bag in my life, until I was apart from it for whole two weeks. I didn't even use it on daily basis anymore due to the wear and tear marks I discovered, but having it in my wardrobe just so I can have an option to wear it on emergency days - e.g trips to KLCC when the boss calls for meetings there - kind of comforting.

So this is how it looks like after sending it for cleaning.

I KNOW. :(

In real life, it doesn't look that bad except when you come close you'd notice the darker tone of the leather. The leather still looks dull though; I don't think they can do anything about that BUT I was expecting they could do something about the darker tone of the leather...

But on the inside, they did a good job. Can hardly see any stains compared to before, even the ink stains. Ink stain on the outer leather remains though.

In my mind, I have this image that when I slap on some leather stain remover oil or cream or equivalent, the dark stain would be improved I don't know why T.T Am so tempted to look for it at any leather stores or other bag cleaning services, but I'm not sure if it even helps.

Bringing it to work today nevertheless because I miss it so much -_-"

Told the husband that I'm considering getting the same one in black to compensate. I still think there must be a reason why I've been bringing it everywhere these past 2 years; no one loves a particular bag to this extent. At least none that I know of.

And he said "OK up to you".


This looks so much nicer..

Wondered if I should send the bag for color restoration (since cleaning didn't help) but SIL said she regretted sending her MbMJ for color restoration - apparently the color will wear off over time, too, and worse if you opted to do a different color. She said cleaning will do better to do the bag, which in my case either sending it for another cleaning or look for the cleaning product myself.

Not sure if it's worth the money, at this point. Sobs.


  1. for the record our conversation when she's asking for new bags goes like this
    wife: bbbbbb (notice the long manja b here) nak beli beg baru blh?
    me: 'stares silently like the godfather'



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