the Benefit eye palette

Realized that I haven't stocked up on makeup ever since I got myself a husband. T.T

This Benefit eye palette, actually was purchased way before I got married - there was a time when I was at KLCC and felt like paying Benefit a visit. Oh, there's a new line of eye palette coming out - and coincidentally I was looking for a new nude color eye palette (been relying on the NYX palette too much I broke it); still too chicken to try over-the-top eye shadow colors, but I needed something to brighten up my eyes.
"It's nude but it will transform your face because of the sweet base color"
The salesgirl says.

I was sold. It's compact and small enough to throw into my smallest bag. Bought it and it never saw the light until last few weeks. I think having regular dates with the husband do me good.

Added eyeliner to line the upper lid. Oh and filling up brows is never my expertise -_____-

Still, it serves its purpose for a nude eye palette - comes with concealer too, which hides my flaws very well, surprisingly.

I think it's time to get more interesting color palette for my eyes, after getting used to using the naturals for years. Not that the husband ever notices pfftt.


  1. dah lama tak buat post mcm ni. lawanye mummy-to-be~ :)

    1. Dah lama kan! last time before kahwin kot hahaha.

      Thank you Mimi :)


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