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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


being a mommy
working life

zombie partner.

These days, I have been so engrossed with work and even though I've been trying to get home early, I'd still be crazy exhausted and a zombie by 9.

Which, according to the boyfriend, does not accommodate his schedule at all.

I've been going to bed early and leaving him after our daily night phone calls earlier than usual and don't even ask about the phone calls content. Imagine having a conversation with a person half-asleep but still trying to mumble something..

Not a pretty picture.

As pathetic as it sounds, I tried to improve - by consuming more healthy food, to keep myself energized (or at least, still alive by 9). Been having fruits everyday to make my diet healthier cause you know, it's better than consuming green veggies.

After weeks, I would say it improves my health state a BIT but I'm still so exhausted every day it's scaring me. How do you guys (working girls) survive after a long day at the office is seriously beyond me.

Maybe I should really join a gym T.T

Though nowadays, I noticed that he's changed his routine.

Instead of complaining about my zombie state during our phone calls, he tried to settle everything before our phone calls and when I rang him up, he's ready for bed and we managed to have the normal conversation compared to before. He would even whatsapp-ed me first to make sure I'm not asleep yet and tell me he's doing something in case I rang him up before I go to sleep and tried to settle whatever he's doing as soon as possible so that we'd still have the usual phone calls.

I don't know much about long distance relationships. But the fact that this guy is willing to change his routine to match mine..and with no complaints at all.

How can I not love him.


  1. I was having kind of the same thing too, but for me , it is difficult to sleep at night because my body isn't comfortable on any sides, i will fall asleep when i am already very sleep at 12++ or 1++ and causing me to wake up very late the next day.

    i tried taking primrose tablets but it doesn't seem to work for me (or i don't like it cause the tablet is huge. as i also am trying to lose some weight, i do some readings and found out about protein powder and after comparing, i choose the one from nutrilite. to put it short, i have only started consuming it for 4 days but i cant wake waaay earlier even before the alarm rings... and i feel full and energised all day, but with the help of the other supplements too (cause im trying to lose weight remember).
    if you plan to try let me know, cause i was so dumb i just go their store in pj and choose and when i was about to pay, they ask for number, immediately i know everyone needs to be a member or else u need to buy from a distributor... and of course i need to register as their member to pay for my items.

    1. Oh wow that's long :) Ok will do, thanks for sharing!

    2. suddenly get so excited to share hahaha happy fasting!

    3. No worries! I shall google primrose tablet and nutrilite now haha. Happy fasting!


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