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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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bed rest

I don't really talk about my health here, just because I think it wasn't necessary and too private to share.

But heck, I had just undergone a surgery last Friday and am now on bed-rest and I'm going out of my mind and I need to blog!

Ok, minor surgery..minor procedure..whatever it is, the doctor advised me to rest. And here I am, blogging from home in Penang.

The minor surgery was..awful. I've always been scared of needles, and it didn't help that I had to swallow anesthetic before it being injected and the injections after that..

Sorry but I'd really like to erase that part from my brain, so I'd rather not go into details.

But the doctor gave me a week for MC, and now I'm already going out of my mind doing nothing at home. Mum was so sweet, though, to give me this bed to sleep in in her room instead of my cozy SweetDream mattress in my room.


It's actually the bed my late Atok slept in during the time when she was sick and couldn't walk, and my uncle bought this hospital-like bed to make her move easier.

During those time, I wasn't home cause I was in Japan and didn't get to see her at all even when she passed away. I guess everything has its own hikmah - now, being sick, I really miss her a lot especially knowing how she was during the time when she was sick - lying on this bed, not being able to move a lot.

Al-Fatihah. May you rest in peace, Atok.

Been getting get-well-soon messages from colleagues, who're all so sweet.

Colleague : So what's your diet been like now?
Me : Soup, porridge and Channel E.


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