Jiro Dreams of Sushi

So the gf been badgering me this past weeks why I don’t write anything here anymore (women & their exaggerations ::sigh:: I wrote one in January duh!)

This usually means I need to write something or she will never get off my back. Plus she wrote a couple of nice things about me recently , so it’s not like I have a choice..

A friend took me to Karato Ichiba the other day, a place famous for its sushi. Been living here for nearly 7 years now and the only place we ever went for sushi was the cheap chain-restaurants. Don’t get me wrong the chain-restaurants are great (my sister’s jaw drop when I brought her to one!) but this place is like a heaven for sushi if there is one.

Ootoro. The juiciest most delicious part of the tuna.

Still living abalone.

Blowfish fins. Japanese sake will be more oishii if mixes with these-da souda.

What I had 1

What I had 2

What I had 3. Blowfish & whale meat.

I know I know whales are an endangered species but as they say when in rome, do as the romans do..masuk kandang kambing mengembek.. Plus a whale is so big maybe this one are leftovers from ’98 or something..

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