prince of persia.

 I saw Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia last weekend.

Well I obviously can't compare the movie to the video game version since I never really played the game, so I don't know if the plot or acting doesn't go along with the game version. But I truly think this is not a movie that should be taken seriously, just enjoy the entertaining and fast-paced this movie was intended to be.

Many questioned about Jake Gyllenhaal being the lead role of the movie; Prince Dastan, when the role should be given to a more Iran-ish actor (Persia is Iran nowadays) at the least. And, you know, he has a baby-faced that doesn't really potray a great warrior of a great empire.

But what the hell. HE IS SO HOT AND SCREW YOU FOR THINKING HE SHOULDN'T BE A PRINCE! I mean, at least Jake did a really good job on the part. They could have done a lot worse..imagine if they used Brad Pitt. (though I had a terrible Brokeback Mountain flashback when I saw his face, thank God he kept his hair long this time)

But I also find it funny that the whole cast spoke with a British accent for a movie about Persia, so I googled about Iran and read the country's background for almost an hour. I should've taken history as my major, with this kind of passion. -_-

Now, Gemma Arterton.

OMG, perfection. The pretty pretty face, the hair, the sexy accent - she's Princess Tamina to the very core. I have no complain.

I think the reason everyone's been complaining about this movie is, see, it's a Disney movie. When I see Disney's ad right before the movie starts I almost can feel the 'it's going to be great!!' excited feeling within me. Also with big budget, big stars and big people behind the scenes, people would be thinking this is going to be a blockbuster-like-that-Batman-movie movie.

Let's face it - it's not. The plot was decent, the actors were decent, and decent effects too - but honestly, it doesn't suck. And I'm not saying this just because I love seeing Jake bouncing off the walls - no, seriously - I really like the fact that this movie gives what it is supposed to be. No complicated storyline, no cheesy too-good-to-be-true romantic lines and scenes; it delivers what it does, and it does well.

Definitely worth my 1000 yen note.

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  1. I remember having so much joy watching this! <333

  2. dulu time kecik2 ske sgt men game prince of persia nih..teringin plak nak men skang nih

    xminat tgk mubi ala2 camnih..kalo tgk pon maybe sbb nak tgk jake je kot...mata die cam mata lelaki idaman ak!!

    tp kan zatil..kalo ade fan game prince of persia nih upset sbb mubi die xsame ke,jake bkn persian ke bla3..boleh phm kot..sbb hollywood dulu penah wat cite dragonball...siyesli tgk trailer die jek pon dah saket jiwa!!dr actor die sampai la storyline mmg sampah gila ah..*emo*

  3. pena : i KNOW RIGHT! *jake bouncing off the walls*

    anon : seriously?? am i the only one yg taktau pasal game ni pfft..main kat mane? hahaha kannn i agree, mata dia asset plg mahal kot..

    ooh i watched that dragonball movie!! was disappointed to the max..even my 15 yo brother pun tak suka. dont worry prince of persia ni jauhhh kot nak compare dgn dragonball movie tu :D



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