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LDR #2.

Last night he told me that the company he applied for a job has accepted him to their company. The company is based in Fukuoka.

You can't even imagine how proud I am of him.

I knew you'd make it :)

This means he won't be coming back to Malaysia with me after graduation March next year, since he is scheduled to start working by April 2011.

THAT'S RIGHT. I'll be working in Malaysia and he's here. For God knows how long.

No, I'm not crying. Just wailing and screaming to my pillow.

I know it's going to be tough; I know I've always considered Fukuoka-Hiroshima as an LDR, but this is definitely not the same. I mean, I talk with this guy on daily basis. Every other hour. I get upset when he cancels our date to watch World Cup/EPL/everything football-related things, I got upset back then when he had to do some long hours part-time work, I hated it when he went back to Malaysia earlier than me.

God knows how I'm going to cope with him gone for months. Or even years.

I'm still so happy that he got what he wants, albeit how much I'm going to miss him when we start working next year. No more calling in the afternoon telling him how much I hate my onigiri lunch, no more sending him camwhoring pictures through phone, no more calling him up just to kill time during boring classes.

I had no idea how big of a role this guy plays in my life.

We have less than a year now, I'd better start working on the whole I-can-live-without-my-boyfriend mantra thing.

Wish me luck, people. I need that big time.


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! congratulations!!!!! bersabar lah atil utk menempuh hari2 mendatang bila dia xde. its too hard i think hehe but i know both of you boleh punya hihihi

    *aku ngah menghitung hari ni weyh. ngah terseksa jugak =P

  2. hahaha on behalf of him, thank youuu :)) tula so screwed :/ pray for us la camtu hehe.

    waahhh menghitung hari ape?? nasi minyak in the making?? :D

  3. heee harap2 zatil bertabah dgn LDR ni ;p
    bile da confirm dpt kerja tu ehem ehem leh laa kawin cepat2 kan hue hue hue.
    good luck and all the best.
    btw kinda missed u here ;p

  4. tulaaa insyaAllah..mcm mane la kak sha dlu, bg tips la! hehe
    ehem ehem tgu la jemputan nnt kot2 ade haha :D
    thank youuu kak sha :) we missed you too!!! nak klua jalan2 pun dah xde geng, ktorg2 jela..isk.hehe.

  5. er...
    heee for the 1st month tu cm ssh sket lah nak adapt but lama2 nnt mesti da biasakan diri.
    cuma bykkan keep in touch lah dgn si dia.
    setting masa setiap hari bila mau web cam and so on.
    oh yes jgn terasa if encik bf busy dgn kerja.
    wuwuw totally diff from study.
    if da kerja ni bila dia ckp busy mmg busy btol.
    nthen pada hari cuti die buat apa? ZZZzzzZZZZz (--'')

  6. yup, there'll be a lot of webcam-ing and skype-ing :) i hope technology akan bertambah maju next year. haha.

    agree on the busy part. tambah2 keje dgn nihonjin..:( *cry*

    thanks for the tips! hehehe

  7. babe...insyaAllah u`ll be ok..only the first 2 months je kot..i`m ur living proof..i ok je..dun ngan ak sudeyh..haha

  8. dont compare you with me, youre wayy stronger :( tu lah, be prepare for massive i-miss-him-too-much-i-wanna-cryy sleepovers, klu jadi keje shah alam. thank god i have you with me nanti, jgn nyesal! hahaha

  9. atil.knape tak keje jepun jgk?or kawen je dulu.then cari kejeeeee sini. LDR gonna be hard u knowwww especially dah biasa calling2.if die keje sini,means 8am-10pm mane ade mase nk skype with u anymore :p *hasut suruh stay jepun haha*

  10. i knowwww :( mule2 tak nak keje sini, pastu die dapat, so insyaAllah keje msia dlu baru dtg sini. jadi housewife dlu laa br dapat keje sini kot HAHA. how to cope la nnt :(

  11. if that's the plan.ok kot.balik msia keje setahun or 6months while preparing for *ehem you know what* then dtg sini as housewife and *ehem shopping* then baru cari keje.wahahha. *aku tolong berangankan bagi pihak kau ni hahaha*


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