I took today and tomorrow off, because I have second interview with Panasonic tomorrow.
And I'm going to stay at Afiqah's place!! OMG can't waittttttt XD

Called the cab and they're going to be here in 15 minutes and I haven't done packing yet but I just have to blog about this.

I finally started polyvore-ing last night, in an attempt to figure out what I should wear to a job interview.

Err...so the Miu Miu bag is a little over the top..oh what the hell, everything is over the top for me. Hehe.

But polyvore-ing is awesome!! Definitely will do it again besides blogging. If I have the time. Pfft.

OMG 10 minutes till the cab arrives. My bag is calling. Will update soon. Wish me luck on the interview. Can't perform complete sentence now OMG I hear a car outside bye.

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