interview and girls' night out.

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As I mentioned earlier, I was off to Kobe for an interview in Osaka.

On my way to the interview place, I remembered this one scene in Gilmore Girls, where Rory was on the train back from her interview with New York Times. She was on the phone with Lorelai, saying how she couldn't believe she's actually on the way back from a job interview, that she feels like an adult living in the real world, in a train wearing a suit, reading newspapers.

Well, for a moment there - just a moment - I really felt the same way.

5 months earlier, I wouldn't believe the future me would actually have an opportunity to do that. You know, the grownup stuffs.

At this moment, I don't really care if I got the job or not, I'm just glad that at least I had a chance to taste how it's like. (plus my lecturer said working in a factory is hard work, so..I might as well go home and get married hehehe. OK kidding) 

I just got home today and I swear I don't like buses was so tiring, even though I had a 3-hour nap! Woke up feeling grumpy..not good.

I really wanted to share with you about the job interview, so I hope this can paint some picture.

Okayy so drawing isn't my forte, I know. But you get it lah kan.

The interview took place at Panasonic's office in Osaka, so I had to take trains to get there from Kobe. I WAS ALONE. Thanks to the route map they gave me I got there safe and sound, because based on my track record in taking the right trains it doesn't look so good. I get confused everytime. (I blame Hiroshima's extra small train stations, hello we have like TWO lines only!! Tokyo and Osaka stations, on the other hand, have like a hundred lines. You do the math.)

So I was late 2 minutes. Note : Do not do this, EVER. Not a very good first impression.

There were two interviewers, both Malay so I didn't have to communicate in Japanese (thank God) and as soon as I entered the room I was asked to fill in a form. Then the kind lady interviewer offered me dodol!! (you can see in the picture) She was so nice I was calm already :) 
See, give me food anytime and I can do anything.

The interview went for 30 minutes; it wasn't anything like I anticipated. They were both cool officers, they even made jokes..and yes, there were times when they even spoke Malay! I was asked about my background and also about the position I applied, I guess they wanted to know if I had any clue about it, or their company.

After the interview I went back to Fiqah's house and we had a night out, the two of us. Hahaha I don't think we've ever done it before right?! Was thinking of watching movies but there were nothing good so after shopping we just head home. Sigh, I feel so was Friday night for heaven's sake. Or maybe we're just growing up. Hehe.

Oh, we both stopped by Lush and bought soaps. I've actually went into Lush shop so many times before because the smell are very nice and tempting but didn't get anything - so I told Fiqah we'd better get something this time.

What we bought

And we went to Zara - the danger zone. I shall not reveal what we bought here. KAN FIQAH KAN?! Hehehe.
I can't believe we didn't take any pictures that night!! Except this :

Because my love for Hermes exceeds everything. 
And the must-have purikura :

Sorry Fiqah, you've become a celebrity here with me putting up all these photos. Hehe.

To other companies, I'd be glad to participate in any of your upcoming interviews, provided it's in Osaka so I can stay at Kobe again. Thank you.

p/s : Special thanks to Raie for the hints about the interview!! Love you girl <3 :)


  1. @band-frick : yes, dodol. sedap gila pulak tu, seriously! :)

    @raie : =)

  2. oho~ of course i dont mind, AT ALL! hahaha! tho it was only for a few days, i still had fun. we talked a lot, n also shopped a lot! (or was it, u? hahha ;P)
    yeah, its such a shame we didnt take photos of us together. but we still managed to take purikuras together. thank u~~~4 scanning and put them up! muahxXx! love u babes! =)

  3. i had fun too!! tu lah, after this kena camwhoring byk2 sket. hehehe. love you tooooooooo =)



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