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Malaysian in Tokyo. Welcome to my happy space!

welcome to my blog


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Things i need to remind myself everyday

 Remember more than 10 years ago, when you first visited Tokyo? 

When you looked at the neon lights scattering around the city, thinking how beautiful they are?

Remember when you thought, wow, it would be such a nice nice life if you could live here forever?

So you have to be ok with the now.

Yes, you have to be ok feeling like your language ability is never enough.
You have to be ok with using google translate app for every single time your kids are doing their homework to help them.
You have to be ok with every other ojichan and obachan watching every bit of you on the train, at the street, everywhere.
You have to be ok with being dismissed whenever you’re trying to ask for help in a supermarket, or shop, or restaurants. Sometimes that happens.
You have to be ok with being extra friendly, so that you don’t come off as unfriendly, arrogant immigrant.
You have to be ok with pleading with your kids’ teachers to be extra patient and helpful to your kids cos they don’t know Japanese language.

And so many more.
I have to be ok with that. 


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