How i envision my 2024

(In no particular order)

I want to read a lot more. Read 29 books in 2023, which is a massive upgrade from my 2023 plan, so I have a high expectation in 2024 in this department.

I want to travel a lot more. Travel like a local means discovering places lesser known to tourists, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I want to say thank you to God a lot more. I feel like I always take this for granted - and now, more than ever, I KNOW I should’ve done it way more. 

This is so cliche, but I want to have a healthier body, which means better diet and exercises. Yoga made a huge difference to my life before, so I know if I really want to do it, I can. 

I want to care less. (Except when it’s about my kids.)

I want to care more about my health. Getting that high cholesterol result from my medical checkup was a huge blow, especially when my late dad passed away due to the same disease when he was 46 years old. 

I want to participate in school activities more than last year. 

I want to learn as many new things as I can at current workplace. I want to grow as a new person. I think people got mistaken a lot about expats working at a foreign country - people always thought we try hard to be one of them locals - but actually, that’s not true. I don’t want to be one of them, simply because in reality it’s unattainable? Why would I want to do that, when being different is special? I want to learn, and be on the other side as a completely new person.

I want to return to Fuji-san and go explore places we haven’t been to before.

I want to go hiking!! For real!!

I want to to more concerts lol.

I want to love more.

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