The Arctic Monkeys concert in Tokyo

 So one of the best things in my life happened last week.

I went to Arctic Monkeys concert, and I saw Alex Turner singing live.

I mean, have you seen this blog’s archive? Do you know how much my inner child was screaming?

Granted, their new album, The Car, was one of the few albums that is lesser known compared to their AM album - which I know by heart (also partly because husband would play it all the time). So when this tour is to promote the new album, I wasn’t sure if I should go. Someone would need to take care of the kids, I mean HOW COULD I GO, this would be like a dream come true to me??

Husband still insisted that I go. 

Oh, we’ll make do with the kids. Babysitter kan ada

Don’t you tease me like that.

But fate has it, we managed to book the tickets (after several rounds of tickets getting sold out - it’s like a lottery system here in Japan), then we managed to get a babysitter to look after the kids for 7 hours while we were gone, and then the concert freaking happened.

2008 me would’ve never believed..

And I had the worst post-concert withdrawal symptom ever. I mean I had this after The Killers’ concert back in 2013, but this time it was wayy worst - I had all the time in the world at home just replaying the recorded concert in my phone, on Youtube, on Tiktok, you name it. Social medias are awful in feeding our addictions. I understood this now.

The concert lasted about 1 and a half hour, and the only thing left me frustrated was I couldn’t freaking see anything. Am too short and too old for this lol. Maybe it was the venue, the stage, and the audience - there were mostly gaijins at the front so they were much taller than me and blocked everything that I had to rely on the big screen and my phone to see Alex. We had better view during The Killers’ concert I think. Setlist was predictable, they sang all the songs they should sing from their albums and I’m glad I listen to The Car for a bit to know the songs. Highlight of the night was definitely seeing husband’s dream came true, he’s been the biggest fan of the band since I’ve met him and that night was probably the happiest night of his life, and I’m not even annoyed haha.

Still having major withdrawal symptoms but ahh anything for my Alex <3 if you ever had the chance to see them live, please go. But make sure you listen to their incredible records first. Thank me later. 

And did I just migrate to a new country just to go to concerts? Maybe I did XD

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